Secure Your PC With The Free Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

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    Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer is a free tool that examines your Windows and Office settings for any problems. It will check your user account passwords and alert you if any account has a weak or disabled password. Accounts with weak or disabled passwords are easy prey for hackers.

    MBSA will also check many of your account settings. Is your computer set up to get automatic updates? Do you have more than one Administrator account on the computer? Learn the difference between Standard and Administrator accounts, and which one you should be using. MBSA also has guides to what settings are preferred and why. Just click the what was scanned or result details links to read them. MBSA will also show you folders set up for sharing. You may have opened up some private folders in the past. Anyone else on your network can access files in these folders. Make sure you're only sharing what you mean to share.

    Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

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