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    A great way to lock out a hacker from getting into your computer is with a firewall. A firewall keeps hackers from seeing your computer online when they're searching for victims. Even if they know where your computer is, the firewall keeps them out. However, something as simple as a wrong port setting can send up a flare revealing your computer, or give hackers an opportunity to slip past. Also, if your computer has been exposed to a virus, it might have changed your settings without you knowing.

    What is a port? Your router has thousands of ports that let different kinds of information pass between your network and the Internet. If hackers find an open networking port on your computer, they'll jump right in. That's why you should always use a firewall to hide and protect your computer. But how do you know it's working? A port test service like Port Test scans your firewall to make sure your computer is invisible. If Port Test can see your computer over the Internet, then so can a hacker.

    Port Test will tell you just how hidden your computer is from hackers. You can test each port individually, or enter a range of ports for the scanner to test. When the site is done checking ports, you will see closed if everything is ok. If not, it's time to beef up your security and get a new firewall.

    Port Test

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