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    Here are some sites where you can get free audiobooks.

    Open Culture - Enjoy literary classics with this free collection of audiobooks. This list contains classical authors like Byron, Bronte and Dickens, but you'll also find some more modern masters such as Bradbury, Bukowski and DeLillo. There are hundreds of hours of books for you to enjoy.

    Audiobooks - Android | Apple - Looking for something a little more contemporary? Audiobooks has thousands of books you can download right to your Apple and Android gadgets. There are lots of search options that help you find just the right book, and your own personal library to keep your favorites. These audiobooks are professionally narrated, so you may find a familiar voice reading you a book.

    LibriVox - Android | Apple - A must have audiobook app for every gadget, LibriVox has over 15,000 audiobooks to choose from. Search by author, title or genre to entertain just yourself or the whole family on long trips. There are plenty of out-of-print books, new bestsellers and even radio dramas to keep you occupied. New books are released every day, so if you don't see a title you want, keep checking back.

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